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Keelin Studio for Strength and Wellness is a unique, one of a kind facility, that offers performance enhancement, individual biomechanical evaluations, sport and orthopedic physical therapy, gait and running analysis, private-personal training and group fitness classes all under one roof.

At Keelin Studio we provide quality care and one-on-one personal attention. Dr. Keelin Regan-Reed and Dr. Kim-Laura Boyle provide 100% of the physical therapy services to their patients. Both Keelin and Kim are hands on in their diagnostic and clinical approach to 7treatment, providing comprehensive and advanced methods of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and sport performance training and rehabilitation.





"Dear Keelin:

A simple thank you cannot express the extent of my gratitude to you.

By the time I came to you at the beginning of April 2016, I had endured debilitating and increasingly worse lower back and hip pain for well over one year. Previous treatments had been largely ineffective. The possibility of surgery was discussed, and I even had an appointment scheduled with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss SI-joint surgery.

I decided to make an appointment with you 3 short weeks ago to get your take on things. When I initially came to you for treatment, I was in significant pain and even walking was difficult. Your insightful assessment brought to light that the true cause of my pain appears to be an upper body dysfunction, and not SI-joint dysfunction after all. You began a course of treatment targeting this dysfunction, and that has made all the difference in the world. My pain was reduced by 80% after just one treatment, and has gotten progressively better week after week.

Due to your gifted diagnostic skills and skilled treatment, I am beginning to feel like myself again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Catherine Feeney

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Keelin Studio
895 Route 103
PO Box 209
Newbury, NH 03255-0209
Phone: (603) 763-2990
Fax: (603) 763-2992

Keelin Studio

Keelin Studio